Social Networking

The Social Networking Campaign starts from creating accounts across Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In, branding each account consistently and then managing the account to get you started. We can continue to manage each account after the initial setup phase is required.

Account Creation

Phase 1 – Account Creation

We will create accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In as well as any other accounts you require such as My Space or You Tube. All the login details will be unique to your business and will be provided to you at the end of phase.


Phase 2 – Branding

Your account needs to be branded to your corporate image if it is to be taken seriously. We will design a professional look for each account which will portray your business effectively and build trust with your followers.


Phase 3 – Followers

We will promote your business and add up to 50,000 followers onto your social networking accounts to give your social networking status a huge boost. We can either stop once the account has had its kick start or continue to add followers.